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Definition Databases

Manual Update Using "Check Now": Windows

Applies to:

  •  F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security
  •  F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations
  •  F-Secure Anti-Virus 200x
  •  F-Secure Internet Security 200x


Open the Anti-Virus user interface by double clicking the "F" icon on Windows task bar. Start the database update process by clicking on the "Check Now" link on the Home pane.

Manual Update Using fsdbupdate: Windows

Applies to:

  •  F-Secure Anti-Virus products for Windows


The fsdbupdate utility is for AUA8-based products (AVCS7+, IS2007 or newer) and it contains all databases, i.e. AV, Spyware, Spam, Parental, et cetera.

Download and execute the fsdbupate utility from our download server. Note that to update the databases again, you need to download the utility again.


  •  The fsdbupdate utility works with all F-Secure Anti-Virus products for Windows. However, it not recommended except when there is a problem with the recommended updating methods.
  •  If you are using a download manager (e.g. go!zilla, GetRight et cetera) please make sure that you actually download anti-virus definition updates from f-secure.com and not an unofficial mirror site.


Applies to:

  • F-Secure Linux Security (all versions)
  • F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux (ver 3 or later)
  • F-Secure Policy Manager (all versions)
  • F-Secure Anti-Virus Linux Server Security (all versions)
  • F-Secure Anti-Virus Linux Client Security (all versions)
  • F-Secure Rescue CD

To update the Linux product databases manually, download and run:

Manual Update Using Latest.zip: Windows and Linux

Applies to:

  •  Centrally administrated F-Secure Anti-Virus products using F-Secure Policy Manager 5.x.


Download latest.zip and save it to hard drive. In F-Secure Policy Manager Console open the "Tools" menu and select "Import Virus Signature Database..." to import the downloaded databases.

Applies to:

Centrally administrated F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security 6.00


How can I update databases manually to F-Secure Policy Manager Server 6.00?

You can install databases manually using the updateinstaller.exe tool. This tool is located at:

  •  <F-Secure>\FSAUS.PM\bin\updateinstaller.exe

You can install both Virus definitions and Anti-Spyware definitions in the following manner:

  •  Download and unzip latest.zip in case of Virus definitions (or asw-latest.zip in case of Anti-Spyware definitions) to some empty directory (e.g. c:\temp\avupdate)
  •  From a command prompt run following command: updateinstaller.exe c:\temp\avupdate

For more information about the updateinstaller.exe tool, run it without parameters. If you want to force AUA to redownload all updates manually, you can do it in following way: Open AUA Gui, go to Channel Status tab and click "Connect now" with CTRL+SHIFT pressed down. This will reinitialize all AUA channels and it will republish all updates to all channels.

You can update spam definition databases for the F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange and F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper with F-Secure Spam Control in the following manner:

Please refer to: Download Spam Definition Database Updates